Business owners and leaders want to break free!

Free of the constraints of commoditization inherent with offering services that are seen as commonplace by consumers.

Every day, we work with business owners and leaders in local, heavily competitive markets.

Business leaders ask us, “How do we stand out from the businesses who offer and sell the same stuff that we do?”

Their challenge is heightened in the current pandemic of Coronavirus.

Face-to-face interactions with prospects at networking events or from referrals are limited, and in some cases, prohibited.

Growth can be tough for businesses that have historically relied on in-person opportunities to share their story.

Gone are the moments to express what makes them different, why they matter, and why they should be trusted.

With personal relatability interrupted by COVID, business leaders must turn to a vital member of their team for help.

This “person” is still able to directly interface with guests to identify what they are interested in, help guide prospects to their desired outcome, and receive customer contact info and purchasing orders.

Who is this one member of the organization still able to interface with the marketplace unimpeded by lockdowns distancing?

For the answer, continue reading below the video or watch this episode of the Break The Mold podcast brought to you by Revizzy and featuring Jim Washok, CEO & Client Solutions Architect, and Stephon Jacob, Creative Developer & Strategist.

So, who is this one who can help a team to break the limits of commoditization despite the challenges of COVID?

Their website.

Yes, their website is the only team member that is able to overcome the limitations of time, space, and viral outbreaks.

Yet, most websites are still impeded by the averaging, race-to-the-bottom effects of commoditized sameness.

As more people meet, browse, seek, and shop digitally, a business’ website must break free of the competition.

But, it can only do so as it is “trained” and equipped.

If a website is basic, rarely updated, lacks interactive engagement, appears out-of-date, or is sluggish, prospects will leave.

It’s a given that in 2020, no matter what you are selling, you have to be doing so online.

Being online is no longer sufficient. Now, your website must also be personable, relatable, inquisitive, guiding, detailed, trustworthy, and of course, current.

Let’s consider a personal example of Jim’s involving a local car dealership.

Jim usually leases, and often when he’s getting his car serviced near the end of a lease, he tends to look around in the showroom to see the latest models.

This captive moment reinforces the existing brand experience and increases the chance that Jim leases with them again.

In the age of COVID, the dealership picks up the car from Jim’s home or office and brings it to the garage for service.

The moments of Jim strolling the showroom floor are gone as are the opportunities for on-site salespeople to engage Jim.

Instead, Jim will need to do most of the shopping for his next lease online.

If the dealership’s website does not greet Jim as a team member would on-site, lacks guidance, is not up to date, feels sluggish, or otherwise does not provide the user experience Jim expects, he will look elsewhere.

How has COVID impacted your business growth in a hyper-competitive market?

Let’s consider another example.

Most doctors, dentists, orthodontists and other medical professions offer similar services to their competitors.

If the ability of consumers to visit on-site or meet these professionals in person is impeded, then how is growth to continue?

The same is true for business leaders in these competitive industries…

  • real estate
  • personal and professional services 
  • accounting
  • law firms 
  • insurance

Differentiating your website is vital.

Not just making it better than your competitors, but different… unexpected even… but, in ways that delight your guests.

Your site must greet guests warmly.

It must find out what they want.

It must share essential, relevant, value-adding tools and resources with your guests.

Your website must characterize and represent everything about your team’s culture and personality that attracts customers.

It has to do what you can’t and do so as well as you can.

Take the unbranded website test to determine how well your website breaks the limits of commoditization. 

Print out your site and 3-5 competitors, blank out names and logos… where and how is your site similar or different?

Chances are, you may be disgusted at just how much you all look and sound the same.

Don’t fret.

Change is possible and it doesn’t require a whole lot of time, effort, and money.

Here’s how to be different online…

  • Escape/ignore the rules and formula of what your online presence should look like.
  • Revisit your unique mojo… drill down to your most simple essence… often it is the spark that gave birth to your business.
  • Revision why your reason for existing truly matters.
    • What do existing customers most appreciate?
    • How would they describe you to others?
  • Revitalize your messaging from your brand story to every element on your website… even the text on the buttons.
  • Rebuild the site using what matters most… your team’s unique ability to impact the lives and work of your customers.

Your website likely needs to be revitalized to break the mold for your growth to break free.

The internet is more than two decades old. It is about time for websites to mature.

Websites must be equipped to be much more than a 2D deluge of info that lacks humanity.

They must be invested in as an employee who is properly trained to be a concierge to guests when they walk in the door. 

If you are unsure how that would look, here are some initial questions to reposition your perspective on a website’s job: 

  • What would guest interactions be like in person? 
  • How would our people greet guests upon entry? 
  • How would they smile? What would they ask? 
  • What would they want to hear from the customer? 
  • How would they use that info to help direct the guests to the outcome they seek? 

This is a challenging task.

We work at it all day, every day for our clients and we struggle with humanizing the digital experience.

But, we’ve learned just how essential it is to take this approach.

And, we’ve learned just how impactful it can be to break the mold of what a website is “supposed” to do or be like.

If you would like to fire your existing website and hire a website that outperforms your competition, chat us at, email us at or call/text 804-977-2227.