Today’s Daily Data – Fri. Dec. 04, 2020

  • More than 95 million U.S. households celebrated the 2018 holiday season by displaying a Christmas tree
  • 82% of Christmas trees displayed are artificial and 17.9% are real
  • 32.8 million Christmas trees were sold over last year’s holiday season
  • In 1882, Thomas Edison and his colleague lit the first Christmas tree with 80 blinking red, white, and blue electric lights
  • Benjamin Harrison was the first president to have a Christmas tree in the White House

How early is too early to decorate for the holidays? Some argue that decorating prior to Thanksgiving is a crime while others happily string up lights mid-November. Here are some interesting holiday decorating facts!

  • Evergreens are an ancient tradition. The Christmas tree tradition goes all the way back to the ancient Romans and Egyptians who marked the winter solstice with evergreens as a reminder that spring would eventually return.
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 14,700 people visit the hospital each November and December from holiday-related decorating accidents. That’s an average of 240 injuries per day during the holiday season!
  • It’s likely that your Christmas tree has been out of the ground for a few weeks before it made it to your local retailer. 98% of American Christmas trees today grow on farms in California, Oregon, Michigan, Washington, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.
  • Tinsel was invented in Germany in 1610 and was originally spun from real silver. The US government banned tinsel one time because it contained lead (it’s now made out of plastic!)

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