During the global Covid-19 pandemic, the way we conduct business has drastically changed, which is why finding ways to incorporate face-to-face interaction has become more important than ever before. 

The pandemic has forced us to become accustomed to meeting over Zoom with coworkers and others in our network, but how can we improve the way we interact online with those who haven’t quite made it into our network and aren’t “Zoom call ready” yet?

Think about the typical buying process. For a lot of businesses, there is an initial in-person component of this process. People can go to a business and ask questions and learn more about what they’re looking to purchase before they proceed to make a buying decision. 

When this part of the process is eliminated…online video chat is a great solution. OR for businesses that don’t traditionally have an in-person component to their buying process. Video chat allows people to ask questions and get to know more about a business (virtually) face-to-face. 

Face-to-face interaction builds trust 

People make purchasing decisions based on emotions and then later justify those decisions with logic. Video chat allows people to become much more emotionally involved in a conversation compared to standard online chat, email, or text. Potential customers can read your body language and tone of voice, which helps build trust. According to a study conducted by Harvard Review, 95% of people say that face-to-face meetings are a key factor in building long-lasting business relationships. While engaging face-to-face virtually isn’t quite the same in person, starting a relationship with a potential customer through video chat is more likely to push the relationship in the right direction. Also, your instant availability and willingness to provide help make them more likely to be seen as a trustworthy source. 

More efficient communication 

When you give potential or repeat customers the ability to ask questions via video chat, you eliminate the need to create a lengthy email or text chain right off the bat. Instead, you’re able to provide rapid answers in a way that is visually and audibly engaging, plus much more personal. Also, there are fewer steps involved in a video chat. The potential customer just simply has to visit their desired website and click on the chat button in the corner to begin a chat. This takes away the time they’d spend scrounging around for a phone number, contact form, or email address. 

Convert more visitors to leads 

Like I mentioned before, people ultimately make purchasing decisions based on emotion. Participating in a video chat conversation is much more emotionally engaging than engaging in a conversation behind a screen with no face-to-face interaction. The initial conversation is an important part of the buying process, and so the more personable and emotionally appealing you can be, the better. Potential customers also can get a better understanding of a business when they’re able to directly ask questions and participate in a back and forth conversation. The more they understand the solution and why it’s right for them, the more likely they are to continue in the buying process. 

Also, video chat allows you to respond to customers instantly. You will be notified when someone clicks on the chat button, and from there you can start the conversation right away. People are busy in this fast-paced business world we operate in and don’t have time to wait for your response, which is why responding as quickly and efficiently as possible is key. 

Some video chat platforms that we recommend are…

We currently use VideoAsk on our website (peep the bottom right corner)!