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Revitalize online growth without chasing
every random, digital marketing squirrel.

We quickly simplify your website at an affordable, flat-rate price to better convert the traffic that you already get.

Is your website…




Costly to update?


If so, then it is time to for a change!

After all, your website is your only 24×7 ’employee’ and needs to be equipped to respond well to every inquiry.

Do you worry about the cost, time, effort, and results of a website redevelopment project for your mid-sized business?

We relieve your worries by guaranteeing a flat-rate price, using performance data research to avoid consuming your team’s time, making your new site super easy and inexpensive to maintain, and completing the project in just one month’s time by focusing on only a few clients at a time.

See how we compare vs. competing options

Common among marketing and website dev agencies…

Lengthy, complex project proposals

Varied pricing based on ambiguous variables

 Uncertain price surcharges for project size, such as # of pages

 Custom-coded script and CSS that forces dependency on developer(s)

Often add content, bloat, and complexity to sites to justify charges

 Projects can take 3-6, or even more, months to complete

 Require or push for continual support services… with monthly fees

Revizzy’s straightforward website revitalization…

Simple, clear quote with easy online acceptance

Flat-rate, all-inclusive $9,972 price *

Price quoted and accepted will not change regardless of scope changes

WordPress and Divi visual site editor used for super easy self-updating

Unnecessary content, pages, and functionality are removed to simplify

Projects are typically completed within one month from project start

Limited monthly support options available upon request at minimal cost

* A surcharge may be quoted for unusually complex media or product sites and site migration.

We unleash the new growth potential of your most valuable online tool.

We use site performance and operational data analysis to:

  • eliminate the portions and functions of your website that underperform,
  • restructure site navigation and call-to-action options to guide visitor next steps,
  • enhance narrative copy with messaging that connects and inspires action, and,
  • convert more leads and sales from existing website traffic.

A Simple, Powerful Product

  • A lighter website for you and your visitors.
  • Faster pages that are great on mobile, too.
  • Clear next step action options for guests.
  • Easy content updating via a visual editor.

A Simple, 4-week Process

  • Week one: data analysis and interviews.
  • Week two: design and content writing.
  • Week three: development and editing.
  • Week four: action testing and training.

A Simple, Flat-rate Price

  • $9,972 flat-rate for most website projects.
  • Best suited for mid-sized businesses.
  • Surcharge may apply to complex sites.
  • Recurring support service is an option.

Get your website makeover considered for our next available project slot.

We limit the number of client site projects we tackle each month to make sure we give every client the time, attention, and excellence of product and service that they deserve.

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“An uncanny ability to get in a customer’s head.”

“…builds relationship into the equation, which makes it so much easier to digest the information and builds a trust to easier implement strategy.”

“…we now have a comprehensive strategy and measurement for success.”

“…a dynamic team player, full of positive ideas. [Jim] is very inclusive and thoughtful toward other team members and their ideas.”

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