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OUR About Is Really About You

We exist to help your business grow faster and stronger, more easily, more simply, and without needing to pay for ongoing website expertise.

Typical website and digital marketing agencies focus on content creation to “improve” websites.

After all, constant content creation and website maintenance is a great way for them to create a recurring revenue stream for themselves.

However, more content just goes to waste as it gets lost in the increasing noise of the internet.

Your customers are NOT looking for more content to consume more of their limited time.

They simply want to satisfy a need, solve a problem, or create a better future for themselves or others.

You may do that well, but your website’s inability to sell that is not due to a lack of traffic coming in, but the amount of traffic that’s bouncing out.

Potential customers will leave your site when it is too cluttered, challenging to navigate, too focused on your business and not on their interests, and/or does not present clear next steps for your customers to accomplish what they hoped for.

Surely you prefer to focus funds and attention on converting traffic that you already get rather than chase every website SEO and engagement strategy pitched to you as the next best lead generator.

So, rather than waste money on distractions that fall short of delivering results, Revizzy can refocus your website to maximize what works, remove what does not, and to highlight what truly differentiates you from your competitors.

This simpler approach to revitalizing your website helps to convert more of the traffic you already get without needing our constant help.

You then succeed more simply than before… that’s what we’re about.

Ready to simplify your site?

Get a custom website development quote or schedule a conversation to simply chat about your site.


Technology Serves Humanity

Our solutions are specific to data and tech, but at the core of our work is the human story and interpersonal empowerment. Our philosophy is that data and technology are agents of service to accomplishing human objectives.

Focus Is A Major Advantage

A tremendous benefit of data analysis is the clarity it can provide to behavior and circumstances from which to make critical decisions.

Confidence Is Essential

The clarity that data can provide empowers us and our clients to make more confident decisions in simply meeting the needs of their customers.

Creativity Captures Attention

Websites can easily be drab and boring. We work to bring sites to life by making them more useful to visitors and more reflective of the human team the site represents.

Progress Requires Movement

Movement is essential to success. Sure, we value times of rest and reflection. But, prolonged lack of inertia is damaging to achieving goals, finding purpose, and pursuing vision. Even if the path is uncertain, we step forward.

Excellence Beats Perfection

Achieving perfection is nice. However, the pursuit of perfection is exhausting of time, energy, and resources. It is also fleeting as factors change that require new approaches. Rather, we pursue excellence in all we do as such is achieveable, flexible, and more relatable.

Industries We Serve the Most

Hardware / Software / Telecom / IT

Technologists sometimes know their products and services too well. They tend to market features over futures. That gets in the way of clear messaging that buyers understand. Instead, we focus client stories on the benefits they deliver.

B2B and B2C Service Providers

Providers of home maintenance services, legal, personal care, financial, and similar often find themselves in ultra-competitive markets. We dig deep to uncover and highlight what makes clients uniquely better to website visitors.

Non-Profits / Colleges / Churches

Cost efficiency is vital for non-profits. Mining their data for insights on digital engagements that perform the best makes a big difference in focusing limited resources. We then restructure their site to maximize effective actions.

Property Mngt / Big Ticket Retail

Buying, renting, and leasing housing and vehicles captures a lot of data that goes underutilized in hyper-targeting marketing and servicing. We use that data to better streamline client websites for easily repeatable successes.

“…bold businesses turn to when they want to make a real impact.”

“An uncanny ability to get in a customer’s head.”

“…builds relationship into the equation, which makes it so much easier to digest the information and builds a trust to easier implement strategy.”

“…we now have a comprehensive strategy and measurement for success.”

“…a dynamic team player, full of positive ideas. [Jim] is very inclusive and thoughtful toward other team members and their ideas.”

You’re on a mission

You exist to help others.

We exist to help you.

Is this your story?

You feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the constant chorus of all you are supposed to be doing to market your offerings online.

Lead magnets. Sales funnels. Instagram Stories. SEO. Guest blogging. Podcasting. Facebook Live. Online courses. Email marketing. Instant messaging. Tik Tok. Pay per click. Google My Business.

And, a whole lot more. Yikes!

That doesn’t even include all the work necessary to keep your website current and effective.

The endless list of marketing expectations on small and mid-sized business leaders is ridiculous.

You are not alone.

We’ve heard the frustration from so many business leaders.

They and you already have plenty of operational tasks to take care of.

You know…. the stuff you actually like doing.

The situation begs the question…

Why distract your team by attempting to take care of digital marketing with disappointing results?



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Your customers hire you to do for them what your team can do better.

So, why not hire us to do likewise for you?

If you’ve tried other marketing providers only to be frustrated, we understand.

Too many of our competitors too often…

Charge for every little thing.

Are delayed in delivering results due to scope creep.

Only report good performance results.

“Explain” SEO as a mysterious science requiring their expertise so that they can charge more.

Only accomplish the tasks that are asked of them with insufficient idea innovation.

Revizzy is different!

We include everything you need at a flat fee.

We deliver results in a compressed timeframe by keeping enhancements simply focused.

We are honest to share undesirable performance metrics with explanations and a plan of action.

We emphasize converting the traffic your website already gets as a more effective contributor to SEO rank… not content and keyword stuffing.

We proactively originate ideas for your growth that often extend beyond the scope of the project.

We unceasingly work to bust the blandness of sameness when prospects compare your offerings to your competitors.

We reduce your cost and complexity of acquiring, servicing, and retaining loyal customers.

Most importantly, you are better able to fulfill your mission of service to others.

They experience more of you.

You experience more growth!

But, that’s not all

We strive for our team, our families, and our communities to also thrive.

We invest our profits, time, resources, relationships, and capabilities on growth opportunities, education, professional development, personal well-being, and volunteerism in non-profits and neighborhoods.

And, by 2022, we strive to donate one day, every week, of our entire team’s services to help a client-nominated non-profit.

Let’s work together to bust blandness, revitalize revenue, and experience more!