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Revizzy revitalized Antioch College as a new brand
Antioch College

How Revizzy helped launch Antioch College

A revitalized brand for a reimagined education experience.

In 2019, the leadership of Bethel College recognized the many benefits of immersive, apprentice-style education. They revamped the college experience to a hybrid online and on-site approach. Bethel was rebranded to Antioch College. And, they hired Revizzy to convey the message of their new brand to attract students and partner sites.


Bethel College

Antioch College's prior home page as Bethel College

The Situation

The leadership of Bethel College tasked Revizzy with the challenge to introduce to the world their revitalized brand, Antioch College, and a reimagined model for collegiate education delivery.

Before Admissions page for Antioch College as Bethel College

The Request

A new website that…

  • properly and succinctly explained the value and legitimacy of education delivered online and on-site,
  • detailed the thorough, accredited curriculum,
  • spoke to the varied life circumstances of multiple populations of prospective students,
  • attracted churches to partner with Antioch as host sites for the apprenticeship portion of the programs,
  • made it easy for students to enroll online, and
  • looked modern and fitting for an online institution without coming across as too technical.
Before page for Bachelors of Science degree for Antioch College as Bethel College


Antioch College

The Style

Antioch College had already made a new logo featuring shades of red, blue, and black. The Revizzy team needed to identify additional accent colors that complimented the logo and a font family felt modern and academic.

The client loved our choices of orange for a pop of color, a supportive accent of dirty-tan, and the Josefin Sans font that featured clean, thin, long finishes in lieu of the traditional tails of serif often associated with colleges.


Josefin Sans Bold 90pt

Josefin Sans Regular 32pt

Josefin Sans Bold 22pt

Open Sans Regular 18pt

Roboto Regular 16pt


The Pages

Team Revizzy also had to design the overall look and feel to reflect the intended personality of the new brand and facilitate an appealing flow for guests visiting the website.

With the college’s model of education delivery being brand new, there were very few media assets available for us to use. That required extra effort finding the right stock images to connect with the anticipated audience of prospective students and accurately convey what their learning experience will be like.

As seen on the few pages displayed here, we opted for sharp angles to compliment the sharp cleanliness of the Josefin Sans font, left a decent amount of whitespace to allow for content distinction, and used muted tones of the stone-like colors of the palette to allow the deliberate uses of red, blue, and orange to pop.


New Antioch College About page
New Antioch College Academic Programs page
New History page for Antioch College
Dr. Rob Rhoden, President, Antioch College

“We are exceptionally pleased with the messaging and website design that Revizzy created to help us successfully relaunch Bethel College as Antioch College with our unique approach to online education. The new site has proved valuable to us, our students, and our partner sites.”

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