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If your goal with your website is to get visitors to stay on it as long as possible you have the wrong goal.

The goal of your website should be to facilitate the ease and ability of your online guest/customer to accomplish what they came to your site to achieve, solve, or become.

If that only takes 15 seconds, great. If 1.5 minutes, then so be it. If 15 minutes, then that is fine.

But, if they leave without taking the next step towards what they want, it does not matter if they spent 15 seconds or 15 minutes on your website. And, it certainly doesn’t matter what Google’s search algorithms think of the visit duration.

Only the customers’ goals matter. Not yours. Not Google’s.

Cut the clutter from your website with an extreme website makeover to ensure your only 24×7 team member is delivering results for your visitors.

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