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Jack Aprahamian, Website Developer at Revizzy
Jack Aprahamian

Jack Aprahamian is Revizzy’s newest website developer

Jim Washok, Founder & CEO of Revizzy, is thrilled to introduce Jack Aprahamian as the newest member of the Revizzy team.

Jack is a Business graduate of Randolph-Macon, an avid tennis player, and an active volunteer in non-profits. In the role of Website Developer, he will be responsible for the rapid design and implementation of innovative digital content and engagement methods to grow our clients’ businesses and organizations.

Additionally, Jack will assist in pouring through client website analytics to decipher the behaviors of their site visitors. With those insights, we will more frequently improve the SEO of client sites and deploy means to convert prospects into new customers.

Feel free to connect with Jack on LinkedIn at

Revizzy will continue to grow in the weeks to come as we also add to the team…

  • a Creative Media Artist responsible for graphics, photos, videos, and copywriting;
  • a Project Manager responsible for client project oversight, client communications, and client success assurance; and
  • a Business Developer responsible for driving new revenue for Revizzy so that we may exceed our standards of service to our clients.