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Jordan Washok is Revizzy’s newest web developer. He will also operate Revizzy Studios as Technical Director.

Jordan Washok, Website Developer at Revizzy and Technical Director of Revizzy Studios
Jordan Washok, Website Developer

Jim Washok, Founder & CEO of Revizzy, is thrilled to introduce Jordan Washok as the newest member of the Revizzy team.

Jordan joins us as a Web Developer. In this capacity, Jordan the rapid design and implementation of innovative digital content and engagement methods to grow our clients’ businesses and organizations. Jordan will also be the Technical Director of the new Revizzy Studios being announced very soon to provide a ready-made studio for our clients and others to record videos and podcasts.

Though only 18 years young, Jordan has had over a decade of experience in multiple, advanced technical capacities. He is currently also employed as an Assistant Lighting Engineer and Broadcast Director at WEAG Church in Richmond. He oversees live streaming productions for multiple physical and virtual entities. He has created iOS and Android apps for the Henrico County Public School System. And, Jordan has operated broadcast videography equipment, edited videos, created special effects, and provided technical consulting for many years.

Please feel free to connect with Jordan on LinkedIn at

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