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Katie Wroniewicz, Business Development Designer at Revizzy
Katie Wroniewicz

Katie Wroniewicz is Revizzy’s newest business development designer

Jim Washok, Founder & CEO of Revizzy, is thrilled to introduce Katie Wroniewicz as the newest member of the Revizzy team.

Katie Wroniewicz is a graduate of Virginia Tech in the field of communications and marketing. She will be focused on our continued growth as she helps prospective clients to become aware of and embrace Revizzy’s unique, proactive, all-inclusive approach to building client businesses to thrive online. She has quickly grasped our reason for being to help our clients reduce the cost and complexity of time and money in acquiring, servicing, and retaining loyal customers.

Katie says, “Growing up my parents always described me to people as the ‘good sport’ of the group. Whether it was going to watch a baseball game, a bike ride around the neighborhood, a trip to Home Depot, etc., I was always the first one to say that I was in. When I was younger I never really noticed this about myself, but now I can definitely say that I am truly happy doing most things. I attribute this to my hyper-curious personality. I love to learn new things but even more so I love to be active, which is why when someone asks me to accompany them I am pretty much always a guaranteed yes.”

No doubt, we’ll continue to experience Katie’s natural tendency to “give it a shot” as she develops our sales machine, makes new relationships, and designs solutions that develop our clients’ businesses.

Please take a few seconds to connect with Katie on LinkedIn at