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Why online chat is important for your website

Existing customers need help most often on Monday and Tuesday just before 2p ET.

“We are hoping to find a big enough venue to hold this event at a safe distance for our staff and families. The number of people to attend could reach up to 150 people. Is your [facility] holding any events like this right now?”

61.72% of customer inquiries initiated by chat will switch to a phone call for personalized, detailed assistance.

“I need a 24″ Whirlpool wall oven, and a 30 Whirlpool electric cooktop. Do you know of anyone with [these] appliances?”

Well over a third of website guests will NOT click around to self-discover the answer to a question before initiating a direct question and answer session via chat to get to what they seek more quickly.

“Which services do you provide for the elderly?”

28% of website visitors using chat are not existing customers and 3% are former customers coming back.

Know your customer by using online chat

The above stats and quotes are from actual chat experiences that our clients had with visitors to their websites.

These inquiries in the exact words of our clients’ customers and the statistics that are generated are incredibly insightful in strengthening the value that our clients provide in their markets.

Adding online chat on your website allows your organization to discover why people visit your site while also improving service with personalized, human interaction. Most online chat options are inexpensive, easy to use, customizable, and deliver game-changing insights to grow your business.

Benefit from the value of chat today! It is fast, easy, and free (in some cases) to set up. The Revizzy team can quickly add it to your website and set up the analytics for you to learn from. Simply chat us for details… or you can call or email us.

A couple of our favorite online chat tools that are free forever! online chat tool logo – free forever online chat
Hubspot online chat tool logo
HubSpot – free forever online chat